Whole Brain Leadership for Competitive Agility

Today pressures are compounding and converging like never before. Disruption is no longer sequestered to the tech world. Multi-dimensional impacts are acting equally on C-suites executives, activists and people on the street, and disruption is also taking its toll on those who trigger it! 

Gradually, reality is sinking in. Business and political leaders as well as parents, educational approaches and more are beginning to realize old standards are not holding. We increasingly live in a gray-zone where we need to find new ways to thrive and compete with changes happening underfoot. We need agility just to stay afloat or we shrink our scope of influence until we feel like we are in control again. 

For those responsible for leadership in todays’ markets, policy sectors and more, shrinking our scope of influence is not an answer. It is a short-term fix with sad outcomes. So what are we to do?

The most strategic actions we can make are to optimize our human core—something that short of a magical evolutionary leap, we have no change of changing. But we can significantly optimize our human core through a whole-brain approach. 

New Standards for Successful Leadership and Engagement

  • The complexity of today’s society is challenging leaders to transform their organizations, their leadership teams and themselves.
  • With today’s society changing underfoot, leaders must be influential and be pathfinders (or find and prize them).
  • A key opportunity for leaders lies in closing the gap between the skills and behaviors pathfinders expect of leaders, and what the traditional suits deem important.
  • Accenture shows that C-suite leaders adopting a whole-brain approach see a positive bottom-line impact and realize on average 22% higher revenue growth and 34% higher profitability growth.
  • Three accelerators are key for leaders achieving whole-brain thinking capable of driving higher-value problem solving:

1. Address the whole-brain skills gap
2. Redefine traditional leadership
3. Drive change deep and wide

Accenture Research Report

A June 5th research report by Accenture indicates that a whole new strategy for leadership and corporate culture is needed considering the reality of today’s tech-leveraged global environment. The authors help highlight the kinds of leadership skills needed by discovering the focus and skills of Pathfinders. With globalization and tech-leveraged acceleration, there is little time for leaders to adjust through the acquisition of others with skills. Leaders now need to be whole-brain adepts. But who are these people? What are their skills, and can they be learned?

Accenture calls them Pathfinders. I call them Transilient Leaders. And yes, skills can be learned. And these skills improve your personal life and your professional capabilities. They are increasingly the life-skills essential for healthy living and professional success.