About 9 months ago, a post showed up in LinkedIn asking this question. I only now just found it but my immediate response was to “add it all up.” There were more responses than I input, but I did process 533 responses to see what pattern would emerge. So for those of you interested, you can see what I found below.

These are responses from women participating in the Professional Women’s Network on LinkedIn.

By the way, thank you Kathy Caprino for asking the question—your question elicited a fantastic response!

I input 533 words and largely left the information raw. But I must admit I turned a couple of two-worders like ‘financial security’ into ‘security’ and the like that were similar enough and reiterated enough that I thought they did need to show up as such to be more meaningful.

The list of one-off wishes is itself insightful, so do scan it below!

To make the pie chart visually useful I only included those words with 10 or more “votes.” But I did make the word-cloud out of all the 533 words!