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United Nations Unlocked

The Missing Link the UN Needs to Tackle Global Terrorism and the Coming Tech Tsunami

by Dr. Karen Judd Smith

amazon-best-seller-badge-red-ribbon-transReleased November 8, 2016

In her latest #1 Best Seller on Amazon “United Nations Unlocked: The Missing Link the UN Needs to Tackle Global Terrorism and the Coming Tech Tsunami” Dr. Karen Judd Smith presents a dynamic social technology innovation sorely needed by the United Nations and other multi-national organizations. No longer in a post-world war century, the UN is confronting an exponential rise of technology inherent with its capacity for great good as well as its increasing ability to pose lethal cyberwarfare threats. These new technologies are being used by terrorist groups and in ways unforeseen even less than a decade ago. Criminal access to new technologies is becoming especially problematic as they broaden their range of their asymmetrical attacks, disrupting financial institutions, government agencies, elections and keep essential services including energy grids and water supplies in their crosshairs.

Unfortunately, for the UN as well as all of the humanity it represents, methods that worked in the previous century are abysmally ill-equipped for the constantly changing landscape generated by the never-ending onslaught of technological advancements. Combining her knowledge of change leadership with proven corporate strategies, Dr. Smith outlines a social technology application that allows an organization to devise agile responses to threats of every kind such as changing markets, natural disasters, climate disruptions, terrorist attacks, international crime, political corruption, and civil war and social upheaval.

“United Nations Unlocked” is a fascinating read for anyone wondering if there is hope at the highest levels of our human experience, if there is any way for us to find our way to survive and thrive as a global society rather than continue to meltdown in the fission of intra- and international conflagrations. Dr. Smith provides a fresh discussion of the dangers we face, and yet, of the big opportunities the challenges of this century point us toward. All need not be lost, however, there is less and less time for us to consider our options as technology will not slow down for anyone, but especially for the indecisive. Her call for the UN and the tech community, two major stakeholders in making those critical decisions, to come together in an innovative manner, is hopeful. But, it is hopeful only if the call receives an adequate response.

For anyone who takes global citizenship seriously, or is in support of the UN and want to see its ongoing work have even greater impact and influence, this is a must read. And read it soon. The future is coming at us with lightning quick speed and is gaining ground every day.