Utilizing a Spiritual Platform

One of the biggest challenges facing leaders today is the implementation of programs that support authentic and ethical leadership, employee well-being, and social responsibility without sacrificing profitability and revenue growth. This means finding cost effective ways to implement a model that improves business by emphasizing the triple bottom line of “People, Planet, and Profit.”

The Concierge Chaplain serves executives & corporations looking for catalytic innovations that improve organizational culture, function and productivity in today’s often chaotic and fast-paced environment. The researched model used integrates the understanding of intrinsic motivation with implementation strategies and the necessary capacity building programs.



Grounded in a deep understanding of the inner and outer social / professional / political terrain in high-stakes environments, our unique support catalyzes transformation. It includes forthright and compassionate dialogical engagement*, discovery of personal underutilized yet relevant resources and access to a simple and elegant “solutions matrix” that strengthens our emotional core. All together, this approach makes significant growth and development all but inevitable.



Compassionate understanding is key to a successful coaching experience especially when the situation calls for new courage to face down and conquer obstacles—and sometimes old demons. Compassion does not deteriorate to simple approval or sympathy but rather empathy that leads to clarity of the the emotional and intellectual divides and the viable strategies needed for genuine progress. All with keen attention to the inner or spiritual needs, aspirations and strengths of the individual.



Of course, there is work that can only be done by the client. We all—gold medalists and corporate executives alike—benefit from having someone in our corner, paying particular attention to our progress. Having a keen, insightful, experienced person helping walk us through the sensitive, complex and challenging issues that high achievers face is often the difference between success and “almost…”

The Concierge Chaplain Provides

Executive Coaching… With A Spiritual Twist


The Concierge Chaplain provides a streamlined approach, effective and relatively brief, precisely because it is focused on the essentials of change. And what are those? First, understanding the one biggest obstacle to change itself. Second, learning how to address this obstacle and thirdly, how to maintain an ongoing process of change that doesn’t wane over time, but remains “engaged.” I’ve named this entire process, “Solutions Mastery.”

So if you’ve been struggling with how to attain your personal or organizational vision and want to overcome what’s really standing in your way, we can help you navigate those shoals so you do not get stranded… again.

We’ll help to clarify the core issues and target strategies for resolution. Our specialized method of coaching becomes the bridge that links your vision to new-found confidence and improved leadership skills. With a concierge chaplain on your side, you can turn chaos into light and crisis into advantage.

What might be required of you to benefit from an executive coach?

» Be willing to change. If you are not committed, not even a magician will make change stick!
» Be open to constructive criticism—even if it makes you squirm at first. Feedback is what helps you reach your goals. Don’t worry, we’ve got a great system for helping you welcome feedback!
» Get ready for a brain freeze… We’ll explain that later, but if you’ve ever eaten ice cream too fast, you’ve got the gist of it. Only in this case, ice cream is an optional reward, not the cause.
» Be ready to re-discover the thrill of discovery and the surprise that comes when you find out just how fast significant change can take place!

Accessing Intrinsic Resources & New Tools

In today’s Companies, executives are in need of new tools to create and utilize the power of collective human behaviors. You know the problems, now it’s time to focus on solutions.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”


How soon are you willing to do something?

Many high profile executives such as Jack Welch and Michael Dell have realized that people need coaching and that coaching can have a phenomenal ROI.


Why Get Coaching?

Because it takes wisdom and courage to change. Perhaps it’s time for you to find your own éminence griseGuinan, executive coach, or the Bay Area’s Concierge Chaplain!


Improvement in Relationships


Improvement in Teamwork


Keep In Mind

Executive coaching services of the Concierge Chaplain is not for everyone for any number of reasons. But if you are looking for a coach or advisor, continue to research until you find the right solution for you. Remember:

»  You’re going to be doing a lot of work on yourself, so it’s important to have someone you trust and you feel is aligned with your overall approach to living
»  The Concierge Chaplain’s coaching isn’t for every business because the culture must support it.
»  The Concierge Chaplain’s executive coaching can be a powerful catalyst for change in your organization and unexpected way to aid your business’ success.
»  Start with a free, no-obligation phone chat or discussion over coffee that can be triggered by applying online.


Improvement in Job Satisfaction


Improvement in Quality