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Being solutions focused is no accident. Those who consistently find ways to change things up and make their personal and professional lives vital and constantly moving forward may have stumbled across their own routines to make this happen. Others can cut their learning curve and develop their own master.

“Solutions Mastery” is simple yet powerful formula that begins to work the minute you start using it for intentional solutions development. Then, when your teams are familiar with the process, moving forward accelerates!

Today, core practices supportive of the mindset needed for the agile adaptive engagement essential to digital maturity. Without these, organizations are headed down the road with their brakes on, unable to fully utilize the enormous potential that lies within their largest expense—their workforce.

Our services support social entrepreneurs, non-profits, and socially responsible organization “crack the code” of impact and influence. Civic minded civil society—non-profits, academies, and the private sector—increase their ability to inform global policy and leverage their expertise into lasting positive social change.

Every NGO has their unique strengths, objectives for their global impact, timing and resources.

To provide you with a sound, doable and worth-while plan, research on the latest developments, key players and “invisible” barriers need to be paid attention to on the issue relevant to your area of concern.

Another component, often overlooked, is how to make your UN efforts optimize your own organization’s growth and development.

Informed research and experienced oversight is needed to develop a sound strategic plan.

Some NGOs for example, wish to impact one of the UN’s Commissions, international conferences or perhaps even bring an agenda item into play. It is vitally important that conception and implementation are managed well. We can assess the needs, design and implement with full respect for each organization’s existing structures, personnel and resources.

Advocacy and Change Leadership in intergovernmental spaces is serious and underserved work. Social entrepreneurs are needed to bring their innovations to the public sphere if society is to keep up with the changes taking place every day.

We train executives, outreach teams, volunteers and all those upon whom the shape of tomorrow depends. If you are serious about your impact and influence at larger levels, give your teams what they need to succeed.

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Customized Executive and Leadership Team Coaching

Corporate leaders carry the burden to keep their organization moving forward. This often incurs a cost, personal and professional. Further, your organization, whether for profit or non profit, exists in a highly competitive and fluid, even tumultuous environment, one that is impacted by local, national, international and intercultural forces irrevocably intertwined.

As your organization transitions through natural, but nonetheless complex phases of development, tapping a Transition Specialist allows you to navigate those changes more effectively and efficiently. We offer short term and long range programs and intensives that can be scheduled and implemented according to your organization’s needs.

Given Dr. Smith’s extensive international and inter-cultural experience, our approaches are especially adept with the multicultural makeup of corporations and their international engagement that is at the forefront of today’s success.

I do not rely upon superficial motivational techniques that get everyone on board in the moment, but fall to the wayside soon after. Rather, I impart a proven solution focused method that can be sustained by leaders and employees long after the training is done.



Employee Intensives

When re-engaging or upgrading employee capacities is your goal, we can start with lunch-time “cliff notes,” weekly sessions or extend it to 2-day intensives that build capacity for your leadership teams fast.

This evidence-based system was specifically built around what works, and what can be imparted in just a few sessions. With little room for inspirational fluff, it’s full of solid, life-changing, innovation-bearing, easy to get started, how-to basics with plenty of simple “stick” strategies.

The best of all, people feel the system making a difference from the start, so it’s easier for people to sustain and make their own.

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