United Nations Unlocked

  • Global Citizen?
  • International Cause?
  • Concerned About ?
  • Is Everything Doom and Gloom?
  • Can Slight Adjustments Make A Huge Difference?
  • Is the World Better Today for the Majority or Do You Really Want To Go Back To 1980?

In “United Nations Unlocked” Dr. Karen Judd Smith invites us to view our global circumstances from a different perspective—one that sees enormous possibility near by, if we are but prepared to shift our thinking just a little.

Fully acknowledging the complexity of “how we got here” Karen nevertheless urges us to focused on small, specific changes we can make as:

  • global citizens working together in civil society organizations and corporations,
  • Member States and governments, and
  • the incoming Secretary-General and UN staff responsible for the various organs of the Untied Nations.

Karen quickly turns our attention to how we can adapt so that the faltering, hierarchical and often politically shackled UN can become a more agile and responsive hive of activity with a much better chance of dealing with the multiple challenges we are facing. And this can be done without any massive institutional changes, but rather using foresight, courage and the willingness to use ALL the resources at the UN’s disposal just a little differently than has been done in the past.

Plus, United Nations Unlocked importantly builds on the assumption that today’s escalating fear mongering—even when there is reason to be afraid—is not what solves our predicament best. And the media, political and religious leaders need to all take more seriously their fundamental responsibility as global citizens first, and to their personal “success” second.

For those who really doubt the possibility of the United Nations

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It’s Time To Step Up

People are afraid, and when people are afraid, when their pie is shrinking, they look for somebody to hate. They look for somebody to blame. And a real leader speaks to anxiety and to fear and allays those fears, assuages anxiety.

Henry Louis Gates