The NGO Academy

The Challenge

Many international NGOs, after years of work on the ground in their field of expertise, then endeavor to bring their promising practices to the international arena and the United Nations. They then go through the challenge process of gaining consultative status with the United Nations.

NGO representatives them make their first efforts at international meetings and advocacy. Sometimes years later, they still visit the UN, but have never made the inroads, relationships or impact they originally intended. Where can the learn how to work in one of the most complex, and potentially important international communities functioning today?

The “learn as you go” road is very long, and few NGOs have the time.

The Solution

The NGO Academy was established as an online 24/7 training program to help international advocates learn the ropes and give them a solid foundation of

» knowledge
» mindset
» basics

needed by international activists and advocates to be effective in the international environment.

The Advocacy Algorithm of NGO Academy provides a comprehensive course that prepares even those who have studied international relations for the real work in the corridors, meeting rooms and relationship building needed to be effective as an NGO diplomat.

We Walk You Through Everything

The Organization • Protocols • Decisions • Influence

Interested In Working Doubling Your Advocacy Effectiveness At the International Level?