It seems counter-intuitive but it actually works! You can use pattern changes and furniture to create separation between the two. Soothing neutral wall paint, flooring, wall coverings, soft furnishings, and furniture will all come together to expand your living room. Light coloured rug - jobo1965. Instead of multiple chairs and tables, one corner couch defines the area while maximizing seating space. Get rid of any furniture you don’t need, which will free up floor space and allow your room to look larger. Use a floor lamp and/or a table lamp to add a soft glow to the darker corners of your room and watch the entire space open up. Tripod lamps, sofas without arms, slim coffee tables and side tables will all work together to create space while helping you make the best of small living room ideas. Instead of pops of color, turn to pops of texture to keep a simple color scheme interesting. Drawing the eye upwards, towards the ceiling will give a feeling of height to your room (a clever take on small living room decor ideas). If your compact living room comes complete with a compact fireplace then you should take full advantage! Simply put, it creates the feeling of space by providing it. Best of all is that fact that you can easily move them to accommodate whatever you need at the moment. You can also opt for a curated parlor-inspired feel in your petite living room to keep conversations flowing. If you’ve ever wondered whether this type of multi-purpose furniture can be stylish, just look at this arrangement. Consider a corner couch. A coffee table with storage underneath, an ottoman that doubles as extra seating, storage, a footstool and a coffee table. Photo of a small beach style open concept living room in Sydney with white walls, a wall-mounted tv and grey floor.Higher ceiling with boards/slats - susan_rice99, This is an example of a small beach style formal open concept living room in Sydney with medium hardwood floors, brown floor, white walls, no fireplace and no tv.these coulours, three seater lounge, two single chairs, small coffee table, lap on either side of the lounge. A shelving unit with open cubicles makes a perfect TV stand/storage combo to stay organized while not taking up too much room. This can even turn into a theme you can use to decorate the rest of your apartment. Is 2019 the year to switch up your living room decor? Some of these living rooms have geometric rugs while others have soft, fluffy shag carpet. You can also opt for slim picture rails that will allow you to stylishly display cherished art prints, coffee table books, and record covers for visual interest. Even if your small apartment feels cramped, there’s no reason to let it cramp your style!

This room is using every trick in the small apartment handbook to create a “big” feeling. When it comes to designing a small living room, there’s a few things you want to keep in mind: Being limited by the size of the actual room means that you must get creative and use all the good features of your apartment to make it look larger. Maria Savelieva PhotographyPhoto of a small contemporary enclosed living room in Melbourne with white walls, medium hardwood floors, a standard fireplace, a concrete fireplace surround, a freestanding tv and brown floor.General layout, components of room similar to mine. How about a plant instead?

Commit to a light or dark color palette to give your small space depth and visually open up the room.

Choose furnishings that let you sneakily store your odds and ends out of site. You don’t have to sacrifice color to maximize your small living space. And be sure that you don’t place your furniture flush against your small living room walls as it will end up making the space feel smaller and less cozy and intimate.

This beautiful arrangement is proof that, as long as you use it wisely, you can make color work. If that’s the case, we’ve compiled a list of over 20 living room interior design ideas that our decorators think you’ll find endless inspiration from. Styling by A Better Box Property Styling And don’t overlook those gauzy floor-to-ceiling drapes! When it comes to small living room design ideas, the less space your furniture will take up, the better. If you have a small living room, then make the most of incognito storage. From a freshly painted accent wall to one covered with a delightful print, let your accent wall speak for itself by going for unique eye-catching colors. Use textures and patterns like this rug and ottoman to create visual interest without cluttering up the space. Furniture like this will stop your room being cut off and will create more available floor space. In fact, just think of how much smaller the living room featured above would feel without those room-defining framed textiles.

Making a small space feel spacious is all about choosing the right colors and textures, and arranging your furniture strategically. One of those little tricks is the use of natural light. Plus, the comfort underfoot is undeniable. Lay out a nice rug and plant a comfy chair next to the fireplace. Speaking of clutter, nothing makes a small space feel smaller like having it packed with stuff. The result is cozy and super chic. It all goes together flawlessly. If you live in an apartment, such as a studio space or a smaller one-bedroom, there may be no walls that define your living room from your dining area. - alison_medhurst77, Photographs: Tom BlachfordSmall enclosed living room in Sydney with white walls, carpet and multi-coloured floor.The right mix of colours the right mix of relaxation and style the perfect way to make a small room with - redfox100, Photos by Deb Fosciati from DMF ImagesThis is an example of a small transitional formal enclosed living room in Brisbane with white walls, medium hardwood floors, a freestanding tv and brown floor.Cosy living room - Amalfi - emilykatehutchinson, Design ideas for a small contemporary enclosed living room in Hobart with white walls, medium hardwood floors and brown floor.Layout of room, coffee table, sofa, lamp, rug - bree_watkins88, Photography by BRWM Gold Coast A light color scheme will allow your walls and furnishings to blend together, making it harder for the eye to discern where things end and begin, which will, in turn, make your living room feel larger. Discover The Best Ki... 15 Ways to Style a Grey Sofa in Your Home. Greenery goes especially well with beautiful wooden floors. A simple way to help a small living room feel more spacious is to reduce the amount of furniture in it. For one, it will work has a lively focal point, but even better is the fact that it will lend your living room needed depth and personality. The walls, couch, area rug, and even the coffee table provide a simple canvas where you can add patterns and colors in the form of pillows, artwork, and keepsakes. Small living room ideas like this are easy to implement and with a bit of research, you’ll be able to master small living room ideas on a budget like this, with ease. Small living room design ideas are all about creating the feeling of space and white or light colored wall coverings and furnishings will help your room feel much more expansive. You can keep a monochromatic color palette interesting by adding in plenty of textures. That said, you can never go wrong with a muted base, which is why our grey living room ideas and neutral living room ideas will always be relevant. There are plenty of small living room design ideas in 2019 that you can use to create extra space in your living room and help it feel more expansive. Using oversize items to bring your small living room decor ideas together will help enlarge the feeling of your space. Use up every last drop of space to make your living room functional and attractive. We’ve all seen those tiny homes or compact apartments that somehow manage to feel open and inviting. All you need are a few shrewd interior decoration moves to create the appearance of more space. With a collection of gorgeous wooden tables like these to grace your floor, you can forget about the hammer and nails. Even better if you can bring in a couple of differently patterned rugs and layer them away for needed texture and visual play. Floating storage is an effective way of using otherwise wasted space in your small living room. Work with how small your space is by keeping it feeling cozy and inviting. Did you know that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality? Select colour, floor type or even TV setup to narrow down your selection of pictures. The side table here gives it an edge so it feels complete. If you are fortunate enough to have great big windows like this, then let them take center stage in your living room. Using a handful of complimentary neutrals – white, blush, and gold in this case – is a great strategy. Coffee tables, ottomans, and even couches can double as storage space. Whether you are looking for small living room ideas on a budget or for some clever ideas to save space, these hacks should definitely help you transform your space with ease. Don’t want to build a fire? If you place the couch next to your window and let the sunlight in, your pace will feel a lot more airy and open. Nesting tables allow you to save loads of valuable floor space as you can slide them back into their nesting position to clear space on your floor. But if you need all of your furniture, then how is that possible? But with these styling tricks, you can make a small living room seem bigger than it is. Black and white is a classic color palette that will stand the test of time. If your living room is cramped and cluttered, the last thing you'll want to do is hang out there. Mirrors are often one of the first ports of call when it comes to helping a small living room feel bigger. While tailored to small living rooms, they work for floor spaces of any size. One of our top small living room ideas is to use vertical space to your advantage. A large area rug in a small space makes a room feel larger – this might seem contradictory, but if you have a small rug in a small space, it breaks up the floor space, which will make the room feeling smaller. Try a combination of floor plants, potted plants on floating shelves, and even a collection of air plants or succulents in a hanging planter on the wall. Multi-use furniture is one of our favorite small living room ideas as they allow you to be creative with your furniture and have fun being resourceful with these ideas. - tammy_dyer34, Cosy little living room with views to ceiling hung fireplace.Small contemporary formal open concept living room in Sydney with white walls, light hardwood floors, a hanging fireplace, a freestanding tv and brown floor.Grey feature wall - webuser_964515809, This is an example of a small industrial enclosed living room in Melbourne with grey walls, concrete floors and grey running along left wall - jessica_scott65, Inspiration for a small contemporary open concept living room in Sydney with white walls, light hardwood floors and brown floor.Platform - could have pull out bed into lounge - ipamela, Derek SwalwellDesign ideas for a small contemporary enclosed living room in Melbourne with grey walls, light hardwood floors and grey floor.Floor to ceiling wall to wall glass - matthewnh19, semi open living area with warm timber cladding and concealed ambient lightingInspiration for a small contemporary open concept living room in Perth with concrete floors, grey floor, beige walls and wood walls.Noting the air ducts in walls rather than overhead - albanhastings, Steve RyanDesign ideas for a small contemporary living room in Gold Coast - Tweed with white walls, beige floor and light hardwood floors.Accent colours- mustard, cream and blue - webuser_226209946, Suzi Appel PhotographyDesign ideas for a small beach style formal enclosed living room in Melbourne with white walls, no fireplace, brown floor and medium hardwood floors.Balance: Not minimalist but lived in - janine_staines, Inspiration for a small country open concept living room in Sydney with white walls, medium hardwood floors, a standard fireplace, a brick fireplace surround and brown floor.I would probably paint the brick but don’t mind the look - deanne_glayde, Design and styling by: Lauren Keenan Since light makes a huge difference when it comes to the size and scale of any room, use the windows you have to your advantage and let the light pour in.

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