The project is about the play between two materials which reflects geological processes that formed the Jura Mountains. Those who are not orientated on the water, gain an alternative quality for its very green position on the main road, the hedges of the yards.

Jury members agreed passionately that this project will send the right message to the professional community on how to design liveable urban spaces for the future as well as to everyone else on how we should all be able to use open spaces in the times ahead of us. The garden’s material pallet is contextual, as it pulls in the surrounding landscape through its use of textures, forms and colors. The reflections of the office are at once complex and simple, of enormous depth, yet with childlike wonder. The landscape design, urban planning and architecture of Rieteiland Oost all had one aim: creating a quiet and natural island surrounded by water and greenery.

A clear lay-out of a main road with wedges and informal courtyards create sight lines and panorama views. Salaam house is a ‘hard-core’ landscape architecture project sending a message that with subtle approach, simplicity and a modest budget we can create a garden by maintaining and appreciating what we already have.

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Despite their relatively small size and high price, the lots were in great demand. The office designs public spaces, works on urban development plans, engineers landscape transformation strategies, and is involved in spatial research projects. Due to the uncertain future of travelling, the live LILA 2020 award ceremony is cancelled. In doing so they have managed to affect change to an extent never before seen in the design profession. Nowhere else so close to the city center of Amsterdam have there been plots for self-built housing that offer so much space and freedom, peace and privacy, water and landscape. The image quality plan promotes sturdy contemporary homes that blend well with the island´s atmosphere. Saved by Landezine. The design meshes precisely formulated climatic and poetic goals in an inextricable way. kaydeden Landezine. A rarity in Amsterdam.

A quote from Jorge Luis Borges featured in the exhibition perfectly illustrates Topotek 1’s approach to the notions of identity, honesty, and context in terms of landscape design: “The original is unfaithful to the translation”. Rieteiland Oost is probably the most extraordinary island of IJburg. After his studies at Wageningen University in 1978, he was employed in Bureau B+B for 18 years, the last seven as its director. The design of public space also contributes to a calm and natural island. The condition for the landscape architecture community to thrive in a society lies in an understanding of the work we do. Nov 27, 2019 - A map of the best contemporary landscape architecture projects from around the world. Rieteiland Oost has become a small community where people live freely surrounded by nature and water – a rarity in Amsterdam. Jury members recognized Catherine Mosbach as an outstanding and talented creative force who pushes the profession beyond excellence, revealing hidden layers of designing and also thinking about landscape. The rugged and natural look of Rieteiland Oost is guaranteed by a visual quality plan for architecture. A beautiful and extremely subtle design, Scenic Path is a gesture drawn so as to offer a discovery of ‘what is already there’ and ‘what has been there’ a long time ago.

H+N+S is a relevant force in our common task to find and develop new tools for overcoming the challenges concerning landscape today and in the future.

Since individuals had the freedom to design their own houses, a series of supporting architecture guidelines were formulated. Flat roofs were encouraged as were materials with a natural appearance.

The call for entries for the next, sixth edition of LILA will open in early 2021. The vegetation embraces the villas, which vary in appearance and quality, within one coherent neighbourhood. It enhances village life on multiple levels while creating a gentle, internal world for women in a society where women’s public facilities are almost non-existent.

The streetscapes successfully strengthen this quarter with a series of sensitive, highly poetic and well-measured interventions. Landscape Stairs Landscape Architecture Design Architecture Plan Outside Activities Urban Park Natural Park Parking Design Contemporary Landscape Ecology. One can imagine the river entering the grid for the first time, like an animal released from captivity, figuring out which way to go and where to settle. If we can say that a private garden is an experimental place for domestic life, Rooted in Clay is just that. Designed as a ruin, the project is the process; full of play between the grid and the river, man and nature. Platform Design Associates ... Hangzhou Grand Hyatt’s Transformation. LILA Office Award 2020 goes to Topotek 1 for their ability to design layered projects and above all for their refreshing and daring colorfulness in conceptual thinking, which the Landezine team would truly wish to see more of in landscape architecture offices around the world. The design brings the sand and grasses to the buildings’ doorsteps, offering a mesmerizing and unique experience. Considering the ordinary Canadian suburb, this garden is a surprise.

On one side of the house, it uses the approach of borrowed landscapes, establishing a connection between the garden and the pastorality of the adjacent agricultural land. His body of work is a library many can learn from now and in the times to come.

Studio Vulkan seem to enjoy introducing intentional imperfections, knowing that in this way, their works are far more interesting. Thus, the main volumes needed to be as simple and compact as possible with integrated garages and extensions. The results show the guidelines were followed.

The apparent limitations of soil and space ultimately offered opportunities for an urban plan with a very specific vegetation structure.

Rooted in Clay is about engineering, recycling, and, above all, experience.

All photos, plans and renders of projects on Landezine are property of a photographer or landscape architects mentioned within a specific project presentation.

A presence arises – a collision of space and time – and you experience a landscape at the same time very old and very new. Saved by Landezine. The garden was designed to catch changing seasons and light and synthesize them into a dramatic display of change. They are not bound to finding a formula for their projects, but rather seem to be more interested in re-questioning everything a project might bring: context, ambience and all available tools for solving problems and making an experience. ‘Clouds’ establish the experience not by looking into its own created pocket arcadia, but by absorbing and framing the surroundings. Kaynak: Over time the plantings will create a lush, dense green corridor. They feature a consistent opus of brave interventions in landscape, often with ingenious and innovative solutions. In this way it establishes a unique and strong visual language and an engaging playground. In the times when ecosystems are constantly being challenged by the consequences of human activity preservation and restoration of nature are vital for the wellbeing of all species. Felixx is a young office for proactive landscape architecture, founded by Michiel Van Driessche, Deborah Lambert and Marnix Vink. This intervention raises the question of what ‘garden’ is and what it represents.

The challenge of Rieteiland Oost was to design a top quality villa suburb, despite a high building density and a vast diversity of architectural expressions due to the self-development plots. It accomplishes its goals effectively and gracefully through a sequence of shifting situations. They also facilitate public access and provide new opportunities for recreation in the de-poldered area. + We will carve your name in pixels and link to your website or profile from the Wall of fame page on, is creating online platform for landscape architects.

More information Atelier LOIDL « Landscape Architecture Platform | Landezine Park am Gleisdreieck (Atelier LOIDL) was also debated as one of the most effortlessly beautiful and comfortable projects. While the design tools are simple, they offer a layered complexity within this simplicity, so as to cater for various uses.

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