Like kids have been doing for years. What if her eyes were there, they in her head? I don’t even want that okay.

My advice – keep it simple. Stage Milk / Monologues For Actors / Monologues for Teenagers. Male Monologues for Teens Daybreak (TV) SAM: Sunflowers are polymorphs. Just for fun. She then sighs and takes on a more serious tone.) *This monologue has been abridged by the author for StageMilk. Girls take off their clothes for me. I dunno. That thou her maid art far more fair than she. So what if he doesn’t even notice I’m alive — that’s not the point.

He was talking but you couldn’t hear him. She said, write your words. How cool! And the honking, and all the bright headlights, and the kids and everybody in the street: “Jump! Zimmer. Learn more and register your interest at our online acting course page. The stones round them could vitrify and turn into glass. What did you think I’d think when you stand me up like that?! Somewhere I was meant to be. You know I have plans to marry him. More on preparing a monologue. Okay!, so you don’t feel well!, what’s the matter with you!? That thou her maid art far more fair than she. Those who were dying in the ash from the volcano. And I’m sorry that I didn’t figure it out sooner, and you must think I’m even stupider than you thought I was already. I says to myself, if a body can get anything they pray for, why don’t Deacon Winn get back the money he lost on pork? What light through yonder window breaks? Jimmy is 16. Billy comes running up to his best friend to talk about a conversation he overheard between the girls in his class. COMEDIC — Tracy has had a major crush on Robby for “a long time.” Tracy’s best friend has just announced that Robby asked her to the dance.

What do you say? It’s gonna be so awesome! And I broke it…to hurt you. There was a big crowd. Most of the teenage monologues on this page don’t come from established plays.

You were supposed to meet me at the Fillmore, you okay? But Charles Darwin said you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

And also, I don’t want a picture of your dick because I live very near you, so if you wanted me to look at your dick, I could just come over and look at your dick. You’re still gonna eat lunch with me, right? Queen Guinevere, the Skunked of Avalon? How would you like to purchase some cookies to benefit the Campfire Girls of America?”  She smiled, “Now fly, my little bluebird!” To my brother she said “You’re going to take her.”.

I got rid of them. You’re supposed to be my best friend! Yeah, so a few of us will overdose or go mental. Attention everyone! It ends. So – I am walking back out of the library right, and I see like Alicia and Breanna and Kylie all the ‘cool’ girls walking towards me and they’re like talking and laughing and stuff like that. Hannah: I mean, don’t you think you should’ve told me? I feel great. But it looks like I’ll be missing school from time to time. Oh, I already did. I survived because of you. Ajax. You heard about those? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Why didn’t you fight for me to stay with you? You’re gonna get hurt.” I didn’t say a word. And tons of people to meet, parties to get invited to, real football games, new teachers who don’t hate us yet! Sitting up or leaning on one hand … looking. They just sat there, and nobody took any notice or asked them what they thought, I mean, they never say much anyway, but that wasn’t the point. What if her eyes were there, they in her head? We want this page to be the best resource on the internet for monologues for teens.

He’s afraid of me.” And he was. Topics include military school, individualism, normality, financial struggle, robotics and more. Tracy: Everybody started to go home. No one questions me. But soft! Every time they see somebody Asian, they say something … and I don’t say anything. We, you and I, Josh, we’ve gotta be sunflowers. “Breathe in”… “Hold”… “Breathe out”… “Feel your inner animal reaching through”… Inner animal? We’re gonna go to the movies tomorrow. Racism was just something on the news….But it’s not for me. Agamemnon. 10 Kickass … (Beat.) Andy! Yeah, I did. All the time, like without thinking. It’s funny … ODD … calling somebody a racist. THIS IS IT! They can be more than one thing at once.

But if you believed in God … if you believed in the Bible, then you’d know it had all got to end… like in the Book of Revelations. I don’t know what to say.

My mother got quiet and took out a pen and index card. How come, is she sick? After class today, my favorite teacher, Ms. Childs asked me to stay in my seat when the bell rang. Three episodes of Ghost Hunter Deluxe and a deodorant commercial. It’s all a front! Hundreds of great monologues from plays for men and women of all ages. This team includes Andrew Hearle, Luke McMahon, Indiana Kwong, Patrick Cullen and many more.

Maybe you know you were dying. Hello, is Wendy there?

This was including Miss Watson, as I took it. That birds would sing and think it were not night. I mean, I got you into this, you could’ve told me… No wonder your mother was so… (A beat) You didn’t tell her it was me? Well, I got a good going-over in the morning from old Miss Watson on account of my clothes; but the widow she didn’t scold, but only cleaned off the grease and clay, and looked so sorry that I thought I would behave awhile if I could. is made up of young professional actors and writers from around the world. And then, I bury them out there so the sudden heat from the blast will be the second firing. Can you keep a secret? I have got something on my mind…. The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars I stayed in LA. You’re just crazy.” And he took another step back. Pick a dramatic one. So, tell me – what’s your name? There’s no precedent for that. It was so retarded and then in the fall when we started high school all her hair was cut off and she was totally weird and now I think she does heroin. As in, Robby who I’ve been in love with since I could crawl? Are you kidding?

They say, break the ice with a personal anecdote.

We’re supposed to drink too much! We went door to door. These are some seriously great monologues for teens. … So I thought … go back before Christ, and there’s those people’s shapes they found at Pompeii. If you think that kind of thing is a problem. WE WERE SO BEAUTIFUL!

Once I got a fish-line, but no hooks. It’s brilliant. Suddenly, his friend becomes quite worried. We, you and I, Josh, we’ve gotta be sunflowers. It breaks my heart – you’re wearing cardigans! This is my side. (Beat.)

Not a queen, or a slag, or the saint that everyone seems to think I am on social media. As it were. Teen Girl: Ricky kept pushing me around, kind of half-slapping me. To twinkle in their spheres till they return. Just people.

Dude! You’ve got to hold up your hand and do the ‘See this wet’ routine: See this wet, see this dry, And… if the grown-ups try to take Him away again, we’ll defend Him… Hundreds of us!

So please form an orderly cue over here and remember a vote for Jane is a vote for freedom! Like I’m really good at swimming and I paint too and my sister and I made State Jazz Ensemble but what I’m REALLY good at? What you call ‘biscuit’. But how can I when I am terrified that some arsehole out there is going to post a comment that shreds my soul? Why can’t Miss Watson fat up?

She was the first one to go play in the dirt, and she’d always come back with worms or bugs or other gross stuff and we were close! Harlene’s mother looked down at us and everybody looked up and it got quiet again and Billy laughed.

Hi. Everybody went: “Oh,” all at the same time and some of the older kids climbed the fence and took it out of the tree like they were at a ball game. They can be more than one thing at once. How you doin’?

There’s this old guy, Carl, lives across the street.

You believed in me and I believed in you! Sunflowers are polymorphs. Wrapped up in Mimco and Impulse Instant-Crush body spray. This is the time we’re supposed to experiment, find who we are. Murdered on the QB.

So what’s the matter? Alyssa scrolls through Instagram on her phone, and confides in her best friend: Alyssa: Turns out you lose the highs after a certain age. There is a criminal on the run near her village and Swallow finds a sick, homeless man in her father’s barn who she thinks is Jesus. No, says I to my self, there ain’t nothing in it. There’s this boy I know, Keith Mainwaring; I met him down at American football practice, and we got friendly. I would hear them calling, the voices of the dead. I know her from kindergarten and let me tell you, when we were little, she was different. I’ll get Richie or somebody to come with me. Copyright © 2020 • StageMilk | an ARH Media PTY LTD website. So I do what any of us would do right? So where were you? People are in a dream about it. Exact location is unspecified. As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven I haven’t got any.

*This monologue has been abridged by the author for StageMilk. Jimmy: I hide! There’s just one thing. He walked away, just turned around and walked away. I wish you all, a long, and, happy life. Racist things. For these simple monologues I would use them as stand alone pieces. But it warn’t so. . So… I’m not asking anything. (Pause) Why didn’t you tell me? And I was afraid. Know what this guy’s done, this guy who’s supposedly gonna teach me how to act?

I decided you were dead. Find teen monologues.

We’re supposed to have bad attitudes and shag eachother’s brains out. Be not her maid, since she is envious. You want something that fits you! But how can I when I am terrified that some arsehole out there is going to post a comment that shreds … Nervous? She gave me a pass this time. Here, Cody attempts to psych him up and rid him of his fears. ’Cause that’s what I’m good at.

Some of the older kids went: “Boo!” and some of the grown-ups got angry and some of them clapped.

I’m the ghost. As in my Robby? You sound funny. They’ve found all these clay soldiers, full height, a whole army of them that he’d had buried to protect his tomb. No way!’ or ‘I’m lactose intolerant, I can’t eat ice cream!’ and even ‘How is ice cream going to help my grades?’ But we showed them! Where we lived before, everyone was white anyway.

Choose a monologue that is suitable for the role you want. I don’t even want anything, okay?

Then, in eighth grade, I started going out with my first boyfriend, Kyle, who was totally gorgeous but he moved to Indiana, and Janis was, like weirdly jealous of him. I just summed it up for you. I Google-d the guy when I got home, whatever, I know it’s weird, but I had to.

Her vestal livery is but sick and green, (Pause) You sure your mother doesn’t work for the S.S.? Then I guess that makes you my ugly stepsister. This is the time we’re supposed to experiment, find who we are. They’ve dug out, I don’t know how many, nine hundred of them and they’re still finding more. Well, I’m no queen. I love you.

You can’t even — what? Like my friend Vlad – from school, like he said; if you’re sexist it’s because you’ve been brought up to think like that, you never get the chance to work it out. Then I realized: “He’s afraid. Thankfully, my mom is completely ignorant about the computer. SAM: Look, I’m sure if you told her I was on the phone… Could you? I wrote: “Hello, my name is Cathy.

Find a character or situation that you can relate to. He lives up at the Highbridge end…. If you didn’t really like them… Don’t you even want to know if I got us tickets?

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