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The Adapt to Succeed Bootcamp

Ready to discover small but powerful steps that will save you enormous amounts of time (we can show you how much!) and stop the stress that drains you so you can love your life all over again?

Powered by Solutions Mastery, this deep dive training takes you step-by-step through the core materials, ensuring you do what is needed to experience the thrill of the fruits of your re-creational work. The depth of satisfaction felt is undeniable and surprising!

Join me in the next Adapt to Succeed Virtual Bootcamp. Add your name here to get the latest news and info about when the next Bootcamp will open up.

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Solutions Mastery

Strengthen your core capacity to live life well because you solve problems and refuse to become the world’s greatest “problem expert” on what is wrong in your life…


Solutions Mastery™ (all rights reserved), developed by Dr. Karen Judd Smith, is a dynamic interactive framework for individuals and organizations seeking solutions, creating projects, developing programs, renovating business strategies, and in general wanting to reclaim the energy and excitement that brought them success in the first place.


“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”― Carl Sagan

Personal and professional crises usually occur when our beliefs about ourselves and reality meet… and they are not in sync.

Our beliefs, and especially our assumptions, are less fluid than reality itself. So while crises are usually unexpected, we are going to meet them and more than once in our lives.

It makes simple sense to have a “crisis plan” a simple system with a short check list that we can fall back on when we find ourselves unexpectedly (yet inevitably)  in a crisis, and a system proven to help us minimize unintended consequences that tend to appear in those tough moments.

Success is more than a dollar and a dream!

Inner Struggles Arise. Personal. Organizational. Natural.

“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.”

— John Wooden
The legendary UCLA basketball coach




United Nations Unlocked

United Nations Unlocked

Take Advantage of Launch Week Price Order today to get the best prices, and to gain access to exclusive online meetings, or even a session with Dr. Karen Judd Smith herself. Contact us to learn more. United Nations Unlocked The Missing Link the UN Needs to Tackle...

Leadership Organizations

Leadership Organizations

Ever since I taught navigation, seamanship and leadership skills to the hundreds of international young adults participating in the "Ocean Challenge" summer youth leadership program in Massachusetts in the '80's I've always felt a disconnect when people refer to the...

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