“Chaplain to Chaplains” & Confidant

In her thirty years of international engagement from her base in New York, of being a “chaplain to chaplains,” a successful international activist, advisor to diplomats, professor to seminary students, and mentor and guide for aspiring activists, she knows well how the shifting tectonic plates of personal and professional lives can at times, lead to dramatic, if not traumatic events.

In fast-paced environments, those in pivotal positions have no time to simply hope for a breakthrough. They need researched, proven methods that work, and fast. Burnout is a widespread problem resulting in loss and grief, debilitating stress and even serious addictions. 

Moments of crisis can be transformational. But they can also result in significant stress and exhaustion without any of the hoped-for progress or success. 

Some of those Dr. Smith has supported through critical times have experienced transformations they have labeled “Miraculous.” Others are come to know the thrill of life and purpose again: “… beyond my waning pain .” 

While no one person is ever the reason for significant turn-around, Dr. Karen naturally helps re-kindle and bring out the natural genius of each person.

Helping people realize their fullest potential is no accident

Being able to help people realize their fullest potential is no accident. A combination of her unique perspectives in life, years of investigation, research and study sprinkled with a little serendipity throughout, helped her develop key skills and unique systems. 

This is Karen’s signature work—helping people realize their potential.

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