About Karen

Performance Coach

For high performing teams, organizations and leaders

Karen Judd Smith advises and coaches techs and entrepreneurs, specializing in next generation performance skills for those in high-stress, high-stakes jobs. Her approach is to train tech teams in the art and science of high-performance teams as the antidote to stress’s slippery slope and business’s burn and churn. 

Her High-Performance Solution has five integrated areas of focus and draws on her leadership intelligence framework (Transilience Quotient TQ™), the essential mindset needed to reach any goal, a solutions GPS that’s as handy as the one on your phone that helps you iterate your way to solutions, developing a personal crisis response plan, and a newly developed evidence-based program to actively address the symptoms of stress and burnout.

Karen has worked in the international arena for more than twenty years, working with and engaging heads and former heads of state, diplomats, global change-agents and thought leaders, NGO activists and religious leaders in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and North and South America.

Karen has brought the voice of innovative NGOs into UN environments, worked with Member States representatives to change UN conversations and trajectories of thought, provided visionary yet practical ways forward for the UN’s ICT Network while consulting for the UN’s CIO, and focused on finding pathways to meaningful change in the areas of cybersecurity and violent identity based extremism for those tasked with global governance.

She is a thought leader and “don’t just talk about it” activist. So when she works with individuals and teams, she helps you discover, then utilize, resources you didn’t even know you had, and makes it happen faster than you might think possible. She not only provides perspective and insight, but also proven tools and the support needed to rise to the challenge.

While teams are her passion, she knows that each person is a potential powerhouse and that you cannot have stand-out teams without stand-out individuals. So she ensures you have the core “soft power” skills you need. As an emotional life fitness (elf) trainer she helps you excel in today’s work environment that has VUCA written all over it—Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Now you have access to this physics major come history and philosophy of science turn theologian and international peace and justice activist (with some business and years of ocean-time thrown in.) She is not your average coach. With her at your back, you will uncover resources, strengths, and meaning and laughter that will change your life.

As the New York Chair of the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, founder of the NGO-Academy.com is the author of her bestselling book “United Nations Unlocked,” is an early adopter of VR games and uses Beat Saber and other VR games for her daily fitness regimen.

“Karen will never be accused of thinking small!”







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