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Ultimate Resilience Formula

Discover How to Build Personal & Team Resilience in 40 Days or Less

Becoming Xceptional

Leverage Focus & Clarity Around What is Important

The clearer you are about your goals and objectives, the better you will be in achieving them. Knowing and doing are two very different things. As John Doerr famously said: “Ideas are easy. Execution is everything. It takes a team to win.”

Install Simple Systems that Power Difference

So many socially conscious individuals want to make a real difference in the world. A few of these then take steps to create innovative social businesses. But how many are clear about the systems they need to put in place to ensure their labors and their resources make the sustained difference they seek? Putting in place systems that empower and align your unique endeavors, your “difference engine,” makes all the difference!

Transformative Resilience

In today’s volatile and uncertain times, traditional management-style leadership is simply inadequate. The Transilient Framework™ brings into focus the three functional drivers that interplay in human life and affairs and serves as the basis for new tools for navigating uncertain waters we find oursleves in. These tools guide the building of transformative resilience capacities for life and leadership in our digital and often chaotic twenty-first century.

Activate Overlooked Personal Resources

Each of us is far more than we think. Some of us accidentally develop strengths and competencies. But systematically working on core competencies that simultaneously improve your personal and professional life is powerful!


Be Xceptional


Build & Customize Your Difference Formula

Remove the Guess-Work

Change isn’t as hard as we often make it out to be. After all, change is always happening. But making the changes we want is something else.

Having a step-by-step formula to follow and later refine saves months, if not years, of wasted time and resources.

Get your core Xceptional Difference Systems in place—FAST.

24/7 Scheduling

XDF – the Xceptional Difference Formula

Accessible Online

Essential in the COVID-19 era and for international organizations.

Build High Performing Teams

Get clarity on how to up-level leadership team performance.

For Mission-Driven Businesses

Discover simple, powerful systems for social change-leaders to make a greater impact.

Expand Your Network of Change-Leaders

You are who you spend your time with. When social change is your goal, surround yourself with change-leaders.

Breakthrough Training

Discover simple but powerful ways you and your teams experience break throughs as individuals and teams.

Simple Solutions for Complex Issues

Addressing the myth that complex issues require complex solutions.

24/7 Access to Resources

Training and materials are available 24/7, where and when you need to access them.

Lifetime Access

Once you are an XDF member, you are always and XDF member and get access to all upgrades in the program in the future.

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