Mindset & tools makes So Much More Possible... especially after setbacks

My passion is to see the fire back in people’s eyes, hear the confident timber in their voice, and to feel the pride in my chest when I look back and realize I was there at the right moment to help them launch their most remarkable work yet.

Even for today’s smartest and best, $#!t happens.

My coaching wizardry lies in the art and science of transmuting pain and confusion, frustration and embarrassment into fuel for the inner superhero tired of being stuck in Raw Deal River. 

There are times to get an extra pair of eyes with experience, perspective, and insight to back you up and help bring out the inner hero.

I coach, train and advise so you, your teams, and your organizations can take on your greatest aspirations and dreams. Being eminently pragmatic and yet strategic, we start with small changes that make a big difference. 


June 2019 Accenture research showed a correlation with stronger financials on average over a 3-year period for companies using a whole-brain approach today. That’s 22% higher revenue growth and 34% higher profitability (EBITDA) growth.

Leverage fresh insights and cutting edge coaching and training.

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2-time #1 Best Selling Author

Karen Judd Smith is an international speaker, #1 best-selling author, and a international advisor bringing a whole new approach to assessing keys to leadership as technology increasingly leverages the current strengths and weaknesses of our humanity.

Because we are social and tool wielding animals, we have the chance to unlock remarkable innovation just as we can unleash untold horrors. But it does require effort and intent. Our social institutions—public, private, and civil are critical parts of this puzzle.

It is not only the United Nations that can, and needs to be unlocked. 



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